Bariatric Nutrition Coaching

Eat Right, Live Strong

A bit about My Bariatric Nutrition Coaching…

When Andrea was asking me what I wanted my column, yes bi-monthly column (cos I am now a writer don't you know) to be called I knew it had to reflect me and what I wanted to talk to you about.

I really wanted to call it 'An Egg A Day Keeps Drew At Bay". Sorry Drew - love your work!! And then I thought, what do I spend half my life telling or asking people but "Where's the Protein in that?" isn't catchy at all and "Drop the Fries and Move Those Thighs" doesn't really promote the whole healthy lifestyle that I try pretty hard to maintain. Although it is true. And then I suggested Good Food, Good Mood. But that's a bit airy fairy for me.

So hi, welcome to Eat Right, Live Strong. I'm Tara - I'm your Nutrition Coach - I'm here to be your Navigator, Cheerleader, your Support Crew and sometimes, I will be that person who will call you on your BS and push you past the point that you believe you can achieve.

Here we are going to talk about what's nutritionally right for us RIGHT now and how that might change and how we can navigate some of those trickier food situations.Because we all need a bit of help from time to time. We all need some support too. And if you are anything like me, a jolly good kick up the butt doesn’t go astray sometimes either. xx