External Support

Kate: Beyond Obesity

Kate: Beyond Obesity

The post-surgery behaviours are often a pattern that is common to many WLS patients. How you manage and move through these areas is frequently and can be explained and understood with Kate’s support. 

Kate holds a series of three workshops throughout the year in a number of areas throughout the country. Session 1 :Understanding the Ride, Session 2: After the Honeymoon and Session 3: Flourishing connects you with the different stages of the journey. So if you are feeling the need to work through some of this stuff in a group workshop setting, or you prefer one-on-one, you can book a session with Kate here.

To find our more about Kate’s workshops, message Kate for dates and venues.

Tara: Allergic To Sugar

Tara: Allergic To Sugar

The 12 Days of You Project is the perfect opportunity for you to remember your WLS Success Habits.

Supported by my Precision Nutrition Coaching certification, we spend the 12 days looking at what you are doing, what you can do as well as what you could do – to ensure that you are maintaining your health and happiness.

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Sonia: Mind Empowerment

Sonia: Mind  Empowerment

If you are ready to change the way you think, to reprogram your mind to make real behavioural changes that allow you to be the best you, you can be.
Then together we will build your confidence and courage and diminish fear, doubt and that self critic that is constantly sabotaging you.

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