Support Groups

25 Apr 2021

WALK ‘n’ TALK Support Group and Events

Come Along And Participate In Our Walk ‘N’ Talk Activities For 2021.

Not only will we have the Walk ‘n’ Talk activities, we also plan to other other events throughout the year. Follow our Facebook Page for further updates.

For registration for any of these events, please contact Andrea Schroeder ( or 027 280 0049)

27 Dec 2018

Support: Groups & Activities

If you would like to be involved in any of the support activities for Weight Loss Surgery and Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat, please take a look at our Facebook pages or subscribe to our newsletter (on our welcome page) where we keep you informed about the activities we have organised.

FB: Weight Loss Surgery
FB: Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat

We hold monthly Facebook Live sessions on the first Wednesday night of every month, from 7-8 pm. We encourage you to bring your questions and we will answer them as we go along. Any topics raised are also very useful for us as they are often a prompt for highlighting ares to cover in upcoming newsletters and/or events and activities that we can hold. We will at different times, have guest speakers as well, that can provide expertise in their particular area.

So don’t be shy, log-in each month and we’d love to share an hour with you covering your questions, issues and concerns or just giving you more information for the areas you want more knowledge in. The foundation of our WLS practice is connection and community, and we love to see as many of you be a part of it…join us then!

If you know of others that may be interested, please encourage them to also follow our FB page to keep them informed as well. We also have a number of people who join us both in our support events, and our retreats, who have not had surgery, as we recognise the skills for living a healthy life cover many aspects and people in different phases of their journey.

Our “Walk ‘n’ Talk” events are face to face meet-ups each month where we have an opportunity to network with each other as well as some of the members of our team, to get outside, do some physical activity, meet new friends and have a coffee and chit chat at the end. If you are a newbie, or a veteran in this WLS game, we encourage you to participate with like-minded people and enjoy the fellowship that results.

So, if you are keen to stay connected, receive support and meet with like-minded people, get in touch with us at the clinic and we can direct you to the information.

We do not heal in isolation, we heal in community :)

31 Oct 2018

WLS Support Groups - North Island

There is great evidence to link support structures post Bariatric Surgery (support groups) to success rates with excess weight and weight-loss maintenance, and so we have decided to implement more of a systemised approach to support, and the resources our patients can have access to.

We know group therapy and support focus on helping patients make lasting lifestyle adjustments providing an excellent platform to allow you to share successes and failures, as well as providing a sense of community and encouragement. 

We encourage you to get involved in any structured WLS support system or platform and share your journey and receive/provide encouragement and support. Foundations of Healthy Living Retreats, The PACE Program, Facebook LIVE sessions, our Facebook pages are all community orientated and we have some third party support providers as well. Check out our External Support page for more information.