We've changed our name!
Weight Loss Surgery is now TAILOR CLINICS

A lot has changed in the last few years since Surgical Obesity Service and Weight Loss Surgery began.
We listened to our patients and recognised the need to minimise the stigma of weight and maintain the dignity of anyone undergoing bariatric surgery.
We now have a new look and a new name that better reflects the sensitivity of our valued patients.

We will continue to provide the experience, expertise and commitment to our patients that has earned us the reputation of being one of the most holistic, caring and compassionate bariatric programs in New Zealand.

Why Tailor Clinics?

  • The programme of care - tailored to suit each patient’s unique circumstance. We tailor the type of operation most suited to you

  • The surgeon – just like a tailor, has expertise in sewing and stitching, including attention to detail and care

  • The name Schroeder (our founding surgeon, David Schroeder) - derived from the Middle High German verb “schroden” meaning to ‘to cut with scissors’, and thus the term was applied to a tailor

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Welcome to
Tailor Clinics

At Tailor Clinics, we understand what your brain and body is doing to you. Our dietitians/nutritionists, psychologists and surgeons understand how you eat when you don’t want to, ultimately paying the price of having excess weight.

If your relationship with food is challenging your everyday lifestyle and your relationships with family and friends, Tailor Clinics can help.

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How we can help

There are many options for weight loss. We specialise in those cases where people have already tried diets and need a greater level of treatment.

The three areas we assist with are: Non-Surgical specialist education, Surgery and Lifestyle Lodge Retreat Workshops.

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Non Surgical

We have a range of Non-Surgical options for those patients whom surgery isn't a viable option or for those who want to avoid invasive procedures.


We have a range of Surgical procedures that leave you with a smaller stomach pouch, giving you a feeling of fullness and switching off the intense need to eat, freeing up your brain.

Lifestyle Lodge

We know that achieving weight goals requires you to change your approach to nutrition, food & exercise. Our Lifestyle Lodge Retreat programs are designed to support you on your journey.

Who we can help

When excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that it may have a negative effect on health, treatment options such as those which we offer, will need to be considered.
A measurement used to assess health risks of obesity is Body Mass Index (BMI).

There are four classifications of obesity and each has a different solution.

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BMI 25 - 30


Non Surgical

BMI > 35

Severly Obese


BMI > 40

Morbidly Obese


Unsure of your BMI? Calculate it here.

BMI Calculator

The process

Follow our process to know which treatment is right for you.

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